Curb appeal means more than just the attractiveness of your property from the street. These days, curb appeal is online appeal. The only way your home will attract the highest number of buyers is if it looks good online. High quality photos and video tours are just a couple of the tools we offer to our clients. These tools have proven to be instrumental in selling potential buyers on the dream of living in your home.

Some sellers benefit from hiring professional staging companies or interior decorators. These companies are experts at portraying the interior of your home to potential buyers in the most attractive way. There are other sellers who prefer to save some money and do the work themselves. If you would prefer to do the work, here are some ideas to spruce up your home:


  1. Declutter rooms, closets and living areas
  2. Refresh your walls with new paint
  3. Decorate rooms within your budget
  4. Bring more light into your rooms


  1. New exterior paint
  2. Trim shrubs and grass
  3. Organize and declutter garage
  4. Clean patios and decks